Procurement & Supply Chain

Procurement, Supply-chain, Purchasing, Sourcing, Buying, Merchandising, Commissioning, and there are even more ways to describe the process of acquiring goods and services for organisations.

Redcap’s approach cuts through the mystique to deliver effective solutions for you to improve the performance of your procurement organisation, processes, people, procedures, skills and vision of what could be achieved.

Recognising the potential for performance improvement is crucial as organisations increase dependency on suppliers through partnering, outsourcing and extended supply chains.  The current economic climate means that procurement teams are under greater pressure to perform, reduce cost and improve supply efficiency and if they are not, they should be!

Redcap has an excellent range of skills and techniques that are results focused to raise performance. Our approach is recognised by clients, partners and professional institutions as one that delivers results.

We are happy to discuss your needs and offer a no-nonsense approach to achieving success.

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