Change Management

In the current environment that demands more for less, organisational change is very often the result, bringing effective change management to the fore.

We utilise a process of review working with clients to consider the current organisation and the desired vision of change.

We bring significant change management expertise to the process, working with clients to effectively restructure and understand the cultural shift that is normally required inthe new organisation.

Redcap recognise that amalgamations, mergers, collaborations and outsourcing can cause friction across the participant organisations reflected in the needs of the diverse communities, customers, suppliers and people they serve. This can be heightened when significant levels of security are required for sensitive locations.

For change management to be effective and meet the needs of the new organisation, as well as disparate customer and supplier groups, the process has to be effectively managed.

The following four-part model identifies some of the key considerations for implementation of organisational change.

This process of review commences with Role and finishes with Resource as one cannot plan the people needed to resource a new organisation until the value, complexity and significance of the service is identified. Any incumbents whether people or structure, are considered towards the end of the process when resources are assessed and the process identifies where their skills and competences could be utilised.

Redcap has an excellent range of skills and techniques that are results focused to raise performance. Our approach is recognised by clients, partners and professional institutions as one that delivers results.

We are happy to discuss your needs and offer a no-nonsense approach to achieving success.

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